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The Mid America Association of Division Order Analysts is composed of Division Order Analysts and other land professionals working within the Oil and Gas industry. Our members are engaged in the endeavor of all land title and contract analysis and other duties and job functions pertaining to the Division Order and its application. The organization is affiliated with the National Association of Division Order Analysts (

MAADOA strives to:

  • Further the education, knowledge and interests of the professional Division Order Analyst through the exchange of ideas and experiences in the problems and opportunities that confront the Analyst in exploration, production and marketing of crude oil, gas or other minerals and their associated by-products.
  • Promote more effective communication between industry firms, personnel and the public with whom the Division Order Analyst is involved.
  • Advance division order work as a profession.
  • Foster friendly relations among the members of the Association through regular meetings and social functions.
  • Sustain the integrity of the Division Order Analyst profession in the oil, gas and other minerals industry.
  • Abide by and uphold the Code of Ethics of the Association.

All Division Order Analysts are required to have a degree and 3 years of experience, or 5 years experience, and then are eligible to take the Certification Exam to become Certified Division Order Analysts ("CDOA"). We welcome your interest and application.

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